Eco-Friendly Printing

Nobody understands the impact of documents on the environment better than a strategic print management service. From the earliest days of operation, Menco's founder took a personal interest in creating a company that left as little an environmental impact as possible.

Recycled Product
Menco offers a large selection of recycled materials in print production that reduces waste and deforestation. Among the available recycled choices are:

   • Paper stock in a broad selection of colors and weights
   • Shipping cartons and storage boxes
   • Packing and finishing materials

As the nation and world moves forward on a more sustainable environmental path, count on Menco to incorporate eco-friendly development in our product line.

Responsible Production Processes
The managers at Menco are charged with ensuring company operations are eco-friendly at every stage of print production. From the inks to the proofing process, we're dedicated to sustaining the environment. Some of our enacted directives are listed below:

   • Soy and vegetable based inks to eradicate dangerous chemicals
   • Recycle program for both paper and metal production plates
   • SFI and FSC certified suppliers who follow strict energy and conservation guidelines
   • Electronic account management and billing to conserve paper
   • “Straight-to-Plate” digital plate production that saves the use of film
   • Electronic proofing to eliminate paper waste

We're serious about improving the quality of life. You can have confidence from the start of production through delivery that Menco does everything possible to reduce its environmental impact.

Choosing Menco is a vote for the environment, today and tomorrow.