Ozzie Mendez founded Menco in 1987 with a simple idea: genuine cost-effectiveness is achieved by combining high performance standards with efficient technique. When the two benchmarks are applied to every aspect of operations, exceptional customer service is the natural outcome of everything the company does.

As a former manager of cost-containment programs, Ozzie understood the value of utilizing every resource to full capacity and effect. The company that he started as a brokerage firm offering print management services expanded into warehousing and later acquired Apex Printing Services, Inc. in 1989. A direct sales force was added in 1992 to serve the New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania region, and the company purchased Norm Color Graphics Design Studio in 1996.

Each new acquisition was integrated into the company with strategic attention to detail and streamlined operation. Menco quickly grew both its clientele and reputation as a reliable company that maximizes value and cost-effectiveness. Companies ranging from state agencies, hospital systems, national corporations and local businesses increasingly turned to Menco for their expertise in print and management solutions.

By the time Menco moved into its current 20,000 square foot facility in 1997, the nature of print management had begun to change, and Menco changed with it. Businesses began to appreciate how much a print and document management program can add to a company's bottom line. Under Ozzie's leadership, Menco developed one of the industry's first online tools to help manage the production and delivery of print products that are vital to any company's operation. It was a huge success that has since evolved into their VIEWform Solutions that has been mimicked by many but duplicated by none.

In early 1999, Richard Lattanzi joined Menco as a Partner and Vice President. This was the next logical step for the company to continue expanding while remaining true to their mission of increasing the productivity and profitability of their customers.

Today, every department at Menco has dedicated metrics of performance integrated into its quality standards, and exceeding customer expectations is at the core of each one. Much of the industry has changed during the last two decades, and Menco has been at the forefront of these innovations, because their commitment to excellence remains a constant.

Menco's efficiency experts are committed to their customer's bottom line with cost-effective print management solutions and products.

That's what Menco has always been and always will be.