• Menco recognized years ago that documents can get out of hand, and the only way to ensure efficiency and cost containment over time is to periodically analyze document use.

    Many documents lose validity in today’s ever changing daily operations of a company. Changing regulatory parameters require new distribution patterns and layout. Sometimes, documents just don’t keep up with technology which makes it possible to eliminate paper expense. The evolving nature of business makes methodic review of document use a financial necessity.

    A Document Efficiency Audit addresses these business priorities by identifying and eliminating waste and unproductive document use. The process is customized to every industry, but some of the more common procedures are listed below:

    • Document Verification and Review – identifies and verifies document function throughout the organization
  • • Regulatory Requirement Analysis – improves compliance with the latest provisions of federal and state regulatory agencies
  • • Policy and Procedure Analysis – ensures documents are used properly and according to management standards and needs
  • • Formatting Standards Review – pinpoints inconsistent document formatting
  • • Copy Distribution and Utilization Review – verifies document copies are distributed without waste to the proper locations in accordance
      with current policy and organizational needs
  • • Electronic Document Conversion – reduces paper cost wherever electronic documents are preferable and cost efficient

    Menco’s Document Efficiency Audit is specifically designed with more than two decades of experience focused on eliminating waste and unproductive document use. Let us create an efficiency plan to reduce expense and increase operational productivity for you today.